At Bancroft, Autism Awareness doesn’t live on one page of the calendar. For 12 months of the year we dedicate ourselves to treatment, research, best practices, education, and community engagement to help not only those we support, but also their families, our partners and the entire region do better for those living with autism. It isn’t hyperbole to say that we are a powerhouse of clinical experts who are dedicating their lives for a common goal – ignite change.

Already this year we have launched exciting initiatives to do just that:

  • We launched an Autism Diagnostic service in response to increased wait times in NJ for diagnosis. This service will allow families and caregivers to get the answers they need earlier and allow them to access valuable services. 
  • We began our Severe Behavior Day Treatment Program, one of only a handful in the nation, to offer intensive outpatient treatment for children and young adults who are living with autism and experiencing severe and challenging behaviors that are interrupting their daily lives, impeding learning and preventing engagement in the community.
  • We have continued to provide training services to businesses, health centers and first responders in our region to help provide the tools they need to engage with those living with autism. 
  • And we continue to advance the work of our ABA Center of Excellence through education, including our partnership with Rider University, advanced training and research opportunities.

The work doesn’t end on April 30. Our mission is ongoing and commitment to those living with autism and their families last all year long. 


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