Meet Toni

Toni Pergolin has served as President and CEO of Bancroft since 2006. Under her leadership, Bancroft has expanded its services to include extensive programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism and those in need of neurological rehabilitation.

Prior to joining Bancroft, Toni worked at the University of Pennsylvania Health System for 14 years in various positions, including Chief Financial Officer for Pennsylvania Hospital.  She received her undergraduate degree in accounting from Pennsylvania State University and her master’s in health administration from Saint Joseph’s University.  

Toni is actively involved in community activities and welcomes opportunities to help others with important missions. She has extensive board experience, serving on the boards of seven organizations — both public and nonprofit – over the past decade.  Currently, she is Chairwoman of Peirce College Board and serves on the Boards of Fulton Financial Corporation and Inspira Health.   

Toni’s first book, Too Important to Fail:  Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits, was published in 2019 and is now available through Bancroft. The book describes her extraordinary story of taking Bancroft from operating on the edge of bankruptcy to doubling its size and building a state-of-the-art campus for those Bancroft serves today and in the future.


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November 11, 2022


Lynda Resnick, Vice-Chair and Co-Owner, The Wonderful Company

“When my son entered Bancroft’s care, I saw firsthand the power of Toni’s leadership and the profound difference Bancroft makes for each individual it serves, particularly veterans and young people. It’s been my privilege to give back to this organization that’s done so much for my family. If more nonprofit leaders demonstrated Toni’s limitless passion, vision, and tenacity, the world would be a much better place.”

Judith von Seldeneck, Founder and Chair DiversifiedSearch

“Personal, poignant, and insightful, Too Important to Fail is a stirring account of one woman ̓s ups-and-downs as she aims to bring an historic nonprofit on the brink of extinction back to life. Toni Pergolin ̓s amazing story, and the life lessons gleaned from it, remind all of us of the critical role nonprofits play in our society—and how much we owe the innovative, passionate leaders who make them work.”

David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation

“As a nonprofit board member you have many important responsibilities to help grow and protect the organization. In reading this book you will gain an understanding of the importance of your role in advising and supporting the leader, especially through challenging times. It’s a must read for all non-profit board members!!”

Doug Conant, Founder, ConantLeadership; Chairman, CECP; and former CEO, Campbell Soup Company


“Toni Pergolin advances the ultimate leadership wisdom for the nonprofit world. She champions both the idealism essential for the journey and the realism required to get the job done. A worthy read.”

Madeline Bell, President and CEO, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


“As President and CEO of a hospital and healthcare network that cares for some of the country’s most vulnerable children, I understand what a profound responsibility it is to lead an organization that can transform people’s lives. Toni’s story Too Important to Fail is an excellent example of the miracles that happen when that responsibility is met with business acumen and compassion. A great read for all nonprofit leaders!”

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