Leadership Lessons for NonProfits

The nonprofit world is full of amazing organizations that are doing vital work. They are working on cures for diseases, helping the underprivileged get their opportunity and working with children to better their lives. But without a strong business-minded leader at the helm, these nonprofits may be doomed. And if they fail, the people they help could lose a roof over their heads, access to meals, medications, or their lives. Too Important to Fail is the story of one nonprofit leader’s realization and commitment to ensuring the future of the organization for the people who need it by applying business acumen to the nonprofit world.

As nonprofit executives ensure their organizations deliver on their mission by providing critical services and support to their communities, their daily challenges range from merely keeping the doors open to withstanding a change in policy and strategies to ensure sustainability. The addition of a global pandemic has brought many to their knees.

Join Toni in a virtual discussion with CEOs from different sectors who will share their experiences and provide approaches for nonprofit leaders to work past the current crisis and into a strong future.

Too Important to Fail, Leadership Lessons for NonProfits

Written by Bancroft CEO Toni Pergolin, Too Important to Fail: Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits is the roadmap on how to approach, plan and execute the turnaround of a nonprofit organization to better serve and help those that rely on them for their very lives. Pergolin brings her business and leadership principles to the fore and details how they must be applied to a nonprofit organization’s financial management for long-term success. While sharing her first-hand experience with Bancroft – a New Jersey-based nonprofit providing families with vital human and healthcare programs and services with clinical excellence and compassion – in Too Important to Fail, Pergolin also tells a powerful and emotional real-life story that showcases the extreme challenges nonprofit leaders face, and the sheer will necessary to change the current dynamic of the nonprofit world.
A must-read for nonprofit leaders, executives, board leaders, and philanthropists, Too Important to Fail specifically shows readers:

  • Whey mission-driven nonprofit organizations need to be managed like any for-profit business – no margin, no mission
  • Turnarounds don’t happen in the finance department: It takes an organization-wide plan and commitment to make it happen and make it sustainable
  • Build a herd of believers: Why it’s critical to have people to walk beside you in order to effectuate a true turnaround, one that is sustainable by changing the culture of the organization
  • Nonprofit organizations need business-minded leaders at the helm
  • Nonprofit leadership is not one thing, but a combination of leadership styles that engage and lead a multitude of constituents



“If, through telling my story, I can reach even one person who is trying to help a nonprofit strengthen its position so it can continue to serve or serve more, one person who wants to experience working with these wonderful individuals, or one person who is motivated to make a donation, then it was all worth it.”

—Toni Pergolin

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