Bancroft has joined forces with the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute to form a research powerhouse aimed at improving the lives of those living with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. It’s an important collaboration that brings together two organizations that have common goals and individual expertise.

This partnership has already garnered its first grant – from The Autism Science Foundation (ASF) – to look at the link between challenging behavior in those with profound autism and the medical care they receive. You may have heard of the other awardees for this ASF grant cycle: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Yale.

That’s pretty good company to be in; that’s the power of collaboration.

Recently, I spoke to a group of business leaders about ways we can work together. Bancroft is planning its future, but the future we have in mind for those living with disabilities can’t be created alone – big change can’t be realized in a silo.

So I asked for help and ideas. I challenged everyone in the room to think differently. I offered Bancroft’s deep bench of experts and I suggested working together with each amazing leader who was there. From nonprofit organizations, like Bancroft, to health systems and universities; from physicians to politicians; and from corner stores to corner offices, we need each other to make our vision a reality and create an accessible community for those with disabilities.

New technology, new ideas, and new thinking can come from each of us. But when we join forces our potential to change lives is limitless. Reach out to me anytime to talk more and let’s change lives together.

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