Twenty years ago millions of people were doing the same thing we are doing this weekend — shuttling kids around to sports practice, running errands, enjoying time with family.  They didn’t know that the next day, on a beautiful September morning, terror would rain down on our world.

We, of course, will never forget. 

But I also want to acknowledge September 12. For those of you who may be too young to remember, that day – and for a little while after – the nation, and the entire world came together to help each other in a way rarely seen now. For a “blink and you missed it moment,” race, gender, ability, political leanings, sexual orientation and belief systems were eclipsed by an overwhelming need to embrace one another. Good beat evil after evil upped the game. 

Through the rubble we saw a light. It cut through the destruction and the tears. The light found cracks through the cement and fire- it moved seamlessly through broken cities and broken hearts. The light was humanity.

While we are in different, though still challenging, times, I believe humanity can once again help heal wounds and piece together broken souls. I believe that we can come together with compassion, respect and empowerment and create a world where everyone can live their best lives. We are better together.

September 11 will always remain in our hearts. Let’s have September 12 live in our souls.

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