When you are leading a large organization that is responsible for people’s lives 24/7-in good times and in bad, during pandemics and hurricanes, and everything else that comes our way- you not only appreciate, but you treasure your team.  The people who come to work at organization’s like Bancroft do so because they care, because they are accountable and because they know they are needed to do the job they were hired to do — and so much more.  

In my organization, I lead a team of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who are simply amazing.  They fully devote themselves to those they are serving every day, and those served rely heavily on them. This year, I watched our team members run into the proverbial fire. They worked overtime- sleepless nights spent caring for those we support while tending to the needs of their own family.  It was a time for heroes to step out of the shadows and into the light and they have become my shining stars.  

But now, as we begin to pull away from the pandemic, we find there are fewer job candidates out there to suit up and work alongside an already stretched-thin army of heroes.  

It is our turn as leaders to run into the proverbial fire to get what is needed to support DSPs in their important work.  We’ve been there all along, but it is our turn to step out of the shadows and find the path to solutions and show them they are valued for the treasures they are.  There is simply not enough funding to pay the rate they truly deserve.  

As leaders, let’s come together to confront the challenges; it is our responsibility to bring all the necessary resources to bear on behalf of  DSPs in my organization, and across the country.  The time is now to solve the DSP crisis in our society and value them for the professionals they are and the support they provide to those who need them.   Click here to support ANCOR’s current campaign to support DSPs. 


Check out toni-pergolin.com to learn more.  Toni’s book, Too Important to Fail ~ Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits, has just been released on Amazon.  Click here to order.  


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