You arrive at your new job excited by the opportunities to build your career.  You get to know your supervisor and your coworkers, but it’s a very large company.  How will you ever get noticed?  Especially, in these days of remote working.  Here are some suggestions that I’ve seen work well over the years — from both the new employee and the CEO perspectives.

1. Volunteer to help when the organization needs you 

2. Reach out to people in other departments routinely to collaborate or get their thoughts

3. Share suggestions or comments that will help move an agenda forward — in meetings and in conversations

4. Express appreciation to others publicly and often

5. Become known as a subject matter expert on big things and small

6. Introduce yourself to leadership, and greet them whenever you see them in person or on video conference

7. Send your department head a handwritten note or an email when good news is shared

8. Be solutions-oriented and focus on the positive in all discussions

9. Make eye contact, be welcoming and smile often

10. Work with others respectfully — be responsive, supportive and accountable in your everyday work


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