Leading During Crisis 

Our behavior during times of crisis, is the true test of a leader — especially widespread and prolonged external crises that are out of our control.   We are all being overwhelmed right now with information and reading materials on COVID-19 and I don’t want to give you one more thing to read. Here’s a quick bullet list to help us nonprofit leaders stay focused on the right things when everything seems to be happening at once.

  • Assemble emergency leadership team to take control of situation from every perspective
  • Educate yourself and communicate with stakeholders frequently
  • Identify and share resources available to support organization
  • Conduct operational analysis to set priorities and make decisions related to:
    • Ability to continue to provide critical services
    • Ability to continue operations to support the critical services during the crisis and afterwards
  • Consider quick short-term or temporary solutions that can provide some quick relief and allow you to make progress 
  • Allow some flexibility to remove barriers to timely resolution of issues
  • Continue to focus on your key performance indicators and make sure the business operations continue
  • Plan ahead for worst case scenario and be prepared to take action quickly
  • Unite your team and stakeholders in such a way to provide reassurance and optimism around common goals

This is the list I use to keep me on track during times like this.  Perhaps others will find it helpful in dealing with our current situation.


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